The 2011 KIA SPORTAGE SX, a grand vehicle

2011 kia sportage sx 1 The 2011 KIA SPORTAGE SX, a grand vehicle

2011 kia sportage sx The 2011 KIA SPORTAGE SX, a grand vehicle

2011 kia sportage sx 4 The 2011 KIA SPORTAGE SX, a grand vehicle

The Sportage SX with a 2.0 litre and a 4 cylinder engine along with the torque of 358 Nm is able to contribute 256 hp. The all-wheel or front wheel drive is fuel efficient. The addition of the 18inch wheels and a differently styled grille is a nice style statement. The interiors are sprinkled with orange and blue giving the car a very new look. Aluminium door sills along with a SX grille and dual exhaust are the other noticeable features. A part of the interiors which contrast with the dominant orange colour make it appear very unique. The blue coloured fabric covers a larger part of the seats.

The vehicle has firmer suspension and a GDI engine. There is an improved combustion efficiency which is due to the twin scroll design. The twin scroll design will also help to reduce the turbo lag. The unique colour combination comprises of blue seats and orange stitching on the steering wheel. With safety features like downhill brake control electronic stability, air bags and electronic brake force distribution the vehicle is coming to the market with some important added features. Available in an all wheel drive or AWD model, and the FWD or front wheel drive model the vehicle will give the driver these two choices. The comfortable cabins with some different side sill mouldings add to the new models flavour. This new CUV with aluminium door sills and an orange centre control will attract the buyer. The sporty 2.0liter GDI turbo engine could well be priced at $25,795 however an all wheel drive may turn out to be a bit more expensive.

The fuel efficient and performance oriented SUV with all its added features will be a fun to drive and is spied by all the prospective buyers. Lets hope the car will be able to rise to the expectations.

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