The 2011 Mia Electric Microbus runs on EVida’s battery

 The 2011 Mia Electric Microbus runs on EVida’s battery

In a general conference, official spokespersons of Mia Electric have told journalists that 2011 electric powered microbus will be designed and tuned in China. German French collaboration will manufacture this sophisticated micro bus which can run on electricity. Therefore, this microbus will never do harm to environment. Mia Electric will insert Evida’s lithium battery which is supposed to be imported from Israel. This lithium battery by Evida is also upgraded in UK, the USA and in other European countries.

A pack of 8kH lithium car battery will provide maximum power/electricity to the car. At one single shot of battery recharge, the microbus will cover 55 miles quickly. The interior section of the microbus is spacious with a number of retractable and easy to adjust car seats. Mia Electric is a well known electric powered car manufacturing unit based in China and experts of this firm have stated that by the end of the year, the company is trying to gift these eco-friendly vehicles to European nationals who want to save nature from air pollution.

Zero percent carbon emission guarantees will be provided by the company. This car is not capable of producing bad odour, harsh sound and incompetent of releasing any chemical impurity in the form of smoke or fume. Ultra-light car accessories will be used to make these new microbuses. Mia microbus will also be found in French market and the company has fixed an initial price tag for the electric powered microbus. €15,000 will be sale price of the Mia Microbus in France. The lightweight structure of the vehicle will help driver to operate the bus freely and comfortably. Interoperability systems are really workable and in good condition. Experts believe that this new microbus will be equipped with a powerplant, automatic transmission tools, suspension damper, struts, and grills at the front facelift, smooth roof line, well-fitted windscreens, and accessible doors with fantastic retractable car seats.

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