The 2011 Smart Disco Ball- Marvellous Futuristic Car with Glass Cabin

 The 2011 Smart Disco Ball  Marvellous Futuristic Car with Glass Cabin

 The 2011 Smart Disco Ball  Marvellous Futuristic Car with Glass Cabin

Smart Disco Ball concept car looks attractive. This smart Disco car is quite different from other cars. Keeping in mind the upcoming music conference, Apparatjik has taken a challenge to design Smart Disco Ball futuristic car for attracting people. This futuristic vehicle was showcased in a new Hollywood based film Pixel City. The major attractive parts of this concept vehicle are glasswork. Car designers have used different coloured glass plates to decorate the exterior and interior sections of the compartment of this Smart car.

In an interview, company’s CEO has claimed that this marvellous concept vehicle will be exhibited on 26th- 27th March in a car premiere show. There will be world famous music maestros like Magne Furuholmen and Jonas Bjerre of Mew who will watch demonstration how to operate this marvellous car. Roofline of this car is insulated with transparent and long lasting glass sheet which reflects sunlight in magnificent way. Experts claim that this electrically propelled vehicle is meant for two persons who can sit and make a fantastic car trip. Electric powered drive train is also safe due to the coverage of durable glass sheet. There will be no shortage of space inside the car. Car passengers will not feel dejected while making trip as special protection has been adopted by experts beforehand to properly adjust car seats, air ventilators, ergonomic steering wheels, floor carpets, dashboard and drawers attached with dashboard.

Smart Disco Ball vehicle has drawn public attention when it is shown in Pixel City, Hollywood film. Glass tiles are durable and free of scratches. These glass slabs have been installed in perfect order to increase the overall structural elegance of the car. This car is not capable of putting environment in danger. Electric powered car is equipped with power generator, suspension tools along with exhaust systems. The marvellous glasswork is remarkable and it accentuates aesthete of the car.

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