The 2011 Toyota Verso-S Energy Efficient

2011 Toyota Verso S 6 The 2011 Toyota Verso S Energy Efficient

2011 Toyota Verso S 7 The 2011 Toyota Verso S Energy Efficient

2011 Toyota Verso S 5 The 2011 Toyota Verso S Energy Efficient

The 2011 Toyota Verso has been launched into the market just a month back. Toyota Verso-S 2011 edition is loaded with properly designed and adjusted two power trains with excellent maintenance provision. Dual engines can be spoon fed with diesel and gasoline product. The diesel fed 1.4 litre capacitated engine generates 90 hp inclusive of 150 pound feet torque at the rate of 1,800-2,800 rpm. On the other hand, 1.3 litre capacitated energy efficient power train is capable of generating 99 hp and 93 pounds feet torque. The diesel fed engine can cover 55mpg whereas the actual mileage coverage capacity of gasoline fed power train is 43 miles/per gallon.

Both diesel and gasoline fed engines are equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission unit. The car has other excellent features like easy to maintain struts at wheelbases with suspension dampers for checking road shock. The car will be in stable condition when car drivers press brakes halfway through car running.

Toyota Verso 2011 edition is extremely attractive in design. The eye-catching colour contrast has added extra glow to the car model. The interior section of the car cabin is filled up with a number of highly efficient tools and car accessories like adjustable sun visors, ergonomic steering wheel, properly adjustable car seats with good recliners plus floor carpets inside the car. Windscreens of the car are perfectly set to the car compartment. The special features of this sophisticated car are a high quality touch screen display unit with a Navi-Box system which is also capable of producing excellent multi-media effect. While travelling by this car, anyone can spend free time by watching and listening to music videos. The car is also decorated with side light indicators, headlamp casings, tailgate lamps plus indoor lighting fixtures. Even one can communicate with rest of the world by browsing the net as in this car there is also the internet browsing systems. The durable dashboard with foldable drawers, adjustable car seats inclusive of properly preset windscreens, console and other street navigation systems are available in this light weight car.

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