The 2012 Daihatsu Rebadged Yaris or Charade Edition with New Features

2012 daihatsu charade The 2012 Daihatsu Rebadged Yaris or Charade Edition with New Features

New Charade car will be launched soon in the market. In a press release, Japanese automaker has confirmed the possible car up gradation and tuning of this new model which will be more energy efficient and environment-friendly than old Toyota Yaris. The newly redesigned Daihatsu Yaris will outperform other car models in terms of speed, attractive design and overall performance.

Daihatsu rebadged Yaris or Charade will have 99 ponies in right combination with powerful 6-speed manual tool box. The fuel efficient powertrain, automatic transmission and drivetrain are all in right order inside the car. Besides, a 1.33 litre capacitated gasoline fed engine (powertrain) will have lifelong durability. This new edition will have good speed as a number of internal parts of the car have been tested several times to increase the competency and suitability.

In another statement, the company’s CEO has told reporters that this newly built vehicle is also equipped with easy to maintain car seats, glass reflectors, steering wheels and sun visors. There is good space inside the car cabin for making peaceful and comfortable car trip. This new vehicle will be available at comfortable price ranges. However there is no information about final price fixation. The colour of this Charade car model is excellent and eye adjustable. Suspension damper is capable to absorb shock from road surface when car runs at topmost speed. Besides, one can find sophisticated street navigation accessories along with odometer, tire pressure measurement tool plus very attractive dashboard. Car wheelbases are durable and covered with tire fenders which protect wheelbases from mud water and dust particles. The automatic transmission device shifts or transfers torque from powertrain to rear wheels in more organized way. The structural elegance of the car is remarkably excellent. Japanese automaker has already taken initiatives to finalize the deal in this regard. This car is also adjustable to backcountry trip.

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