The 2012 Ferrari FF a beautiful beast

2012 Ferrari FF 2 The 2012 Ferrari FF a beautiful beast

2012 Ferrari FF 1 The 2012 Ferrari FF a beautiful beast

2012 Ferrari FF 5 The 2012 Ferrari FF a beautiful beast

Ferrari FF GT concept car has been designed by Pininfarina. This car will be showcased at Geneva car show to attract visitors and viewers. Ferrari has taken fruitful plan to manufacture a world class four wheel drive car which is decorated with four seats and other street navigation features.

The new Ferrari FF GT sports car concept is expected to make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and a production version will follow by 2012. Ferrari FF GT car will have unique features like solid car frame with retractable seats. The compartment of this vehicle will be more durable. Experts have put stress on the overall beauty of both exterior and interior sections of the cabinet of this four seaters and four wheel drive GT sports car. The concept vehicle is loaded with powertrain and suspension tool box and wheelbases with struts for preventing excess road friction. The shock absorber works brilliantly as sophisticated suspension damper tools will be installed in the car to check shock and friction. The flat and oval shaped car wheelbases are also rimmed with bands of tires for increasing traction.

In a press release the company’s CEO has stated with much clarity in his strong assumption that in near future young generation will be in rollicking mood to drive their dream cars with pleasure. Extra care has been taken to upgrade the street navigation and monitoring systems. An odometer will be inserted to measure distance. The automatic transmission will be pressed into service to power rear wheels. The aerodynamic features of the car are really noticeable. However, there is no information regarding the price range of this futuristic Ferrari FF GT sports car.

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