The 2013-Volkswagen-Bluesport Vehicle with Excellent Features

2013 VW BlueSport The 2013 Volkswagen Bluesport Vehicle with Excellent Features

2013 VW BlueSport 3 The 2013 Volkswagen Bluesport Vehicle with Excellent Features

2013-Volkswagen-Bluesport concept car will be the upgraded version of earlier car models. Competent and experienced engineers have chalked out special plan to give a concrete shape to this futuristic turbocharged BlueSport car with several salient features. This sophisticated concept car will have 2.0 litre capacity turbo engine with four cylinders in order inside the hood of the car compartment. Sporty car models of BlueSport Roadster range will be modified in more technical way.

According to experts, new VW BliueSport Roadster car will be dynamic, attractive and fuel efficient. Average horsepower supplied by the power train will be 225 hp which is generated by gasoline powered power plant and 180 hp produced by turbo diesel propelled power plant. Car seats of the car will be more beautifully decorated using high quality foam and leather upholsteries. The two-seat convertible vehicle with engine in the mid section of the car compartment will be upgraded following the car model of Bluesport line up, 2009. However this time, a team of technical experts have strong resolution to build up the convertible BlueSport car using the latest automobile technology.

There will be a complete car kit with this concept car. People will be given immense chance to travel by this convertible car without experiencing any technical drawback. Power train, suspension damper, suspension tool, automatic transmission tool, carbon diffuser, a speedometer, an odometer for measuring distance and mileage plus street navigation accessories will be added to this concept car with duel engine provision. The suspension damper will have excellent power to check overflow of friction coming out of road contact at the time of wheel movement on the road surface. Inside the car, there will be well adjusted window screens, doors with sophisticated interlocking accessory, tire pressure measurement tool, ergonomic steering wheel inclusive of sunlight protector or sun visors. Couple of inset glass reflector casings will be attached to the front part of the car to increase the visibility.

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