The All New 2011 Nissan Leaf – COTY

2011 nissan leaf coty The All New 2011 Nissan Leaf   COTY

2011 nissan leaf coty 4 The All New 2011 Nissan Leaf   COTY

It is now obvious that a new era for automobiles has emerged. It became more of a necessity than a style to develop zero emission cars due to the earth’s environment coming in the grips of global warming. For this reason, many car manufacturers are coming up with new models of vehicles powered by an electric motor.

This year, the best automobile award has been focused on vehicles with zero emissions. And, 2011 European car of the year (COTY) award has been announced by its jury. Nissan Leaf has taken the cake, emerging as the winner of the competition having earned maximum points of 257. The next in line was Alfa Romeo Giulietta, an Italian make, winning 248 points followed by Opel/Vauxhall Meriva of German make, at 244 points. This has raised many eyebrows as this is the first time that an electric car won this award in the span of 47years of automobile competition. The award proves the definite awareness of the world to global warming and its inclination towards eco-friendliness. This outstanding achievement is surely a feather in the cap of the Japanese car manufacturer.

The innovative 2011 model of Nissan Leaf is a beautifully designed, sleek plug-in electric vehicle (EV), run by an AC electric motor of 107 horsepower (80kW) with lithium-ion battery developed by Nissan itself. The commuter car, having a lower driving range as compared to conventional gas-run cars, attains a range of 109miles (175km), good enough for general, daily use of the car. It achieves acceleration from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 11.9 seconds. It takes 20 hours for fully recharging the battery with an 110V outlet but better is overnight recharging using a 220V outlet.

This car proudly stands in competition with conventional cars in several ways. It is safe, spacious (having space to seat five) with excellent performance and convenient handling.

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