The All New Fiat 500C Version- Eco-friendly

Fiat 500c The All New Fiat 500C Version  Eco friendly

Fiat 500c 1 The All New Fiat 500C Version  Eco friendly

Fiat 500c 4 The All New Fiat 500C Version  Eco friendly

In collaboration with Diesel, Fiat will soon launch sophisticated Fiat 500C version in Italy. Renzo Rosso, one of top rankers of Diesel will attend the eye-catching premiere show at The Fiat Café based in Aoyama. The company has already flashed this interesting report in national dailies. This newly built car, Fiat 500C will be spacious with durable and easy to handle compartment plus a number of sophisticated car accessories.

Fiat 500 C cabriolet car has been upgraded using four Euro 5 powertrains for bringing more speed and dimension to the car. These five different engines of the car have been used to increase the competency of these well decorated vehicles. There are five energy efficient engines such as 1.3 Multijet version II 95 horsepower, and 1.3 Multijet with 75 horsepower in capacity. The start-up system of the car is excellent. The compartment design of the car is also up to the mark as experts have used a number of sophisticated car décor accessories.

The internal parts of this Fiat 500C model have been well tested. The street navigation accessories of this new car help car driver to monitor and check the highways in darkness. This newly decorated car will have aerodynamic structure plus light weighted wheelbases along with durable tire bands. The front facelift of the car is decorated with grills and headlamps. Interior portion of the car is beautifully crafted as experts have also used leather accessories to decorate adjustable car seats. This car produces the least volume of harmful carbon and poisonous gas.

The durable dashboard with drawers can keep small artefacts and collectibles. Ergonomic steering wheel is adjustable and gripe safe. The speedometer in the driver’s cockpit is helpful to car drivers to keep track of the speed of the running car. The bonnet of the vehicle is durable and easy to care.

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