The All New Suzuki Swift of 2012

2011 suzuki swift1 The All New Suzuki Swift of 2012

2011 suzuki swift 21 The All New Suzuki Swift of 2012

Suzuki is in for a new concept with the 2012 Suzuki Swift. It is believed that the engine will be provided by a 4cylinder engine. With plans to add a new rear spoiler mounted a little higher with prominent bumpers and with spoilers it will also have a large 18inch wheel. The Recaro sports seats may be added too. Based on the Swift S-Concept the new Swift model will be a super mini car with a vibrant sporty look is heading for the Geneva Motor Show.

Probably for the first time a sports man accessory his shoes have inspired an automobile company to splurge the vehicle with the bold and dynamic dark grey, black and yellow metallic colours. The carbon fibre for the interiors, the steering wheel and the bucket seats makes the car more comfortable and driver friendly. The sport vehicle is holding on to a front wheel drive with front engines.

The look of the new Swift differs from all the previous models. New bumpers with a wider front will give the car a new look. Probably it will encompass a 1.6liter engine with a manual transmission with six speeds. The rear end of the new model has been influenced by the Nissan Versa Hatchback. The front side has attractive but large headlights which will give the new car a fresh look. The Suzuki Swift will be received by other small cars like Fiat 500. Ford Fiesta the Chevrolet Spark and the Mazda yet Takashi Nakayama an Engineer of Suzuki motors is confident and says it will do well in the market with its enhanced features. Automobile industry has had a fairly good place in the USA market especially for the compact small cars. Although based on the old models the new 2012 Suzuki Swift will be a complete different car which will not only be fuel efficient but also possess a smart look.

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