The All-New Volvo V60 Tricked Out by the Heico Sportiv

 The All New Volvo V60 Tricked Out by the Heico Sportiv

2011 volvo v60 by heico sportiv 3 The All New Volvo V60 Tricked Out by the Heico Sportiv

So its time for the Essen Motor Show in Germany to unveil the New tuned Volvo V60 from the Swedish automakers. Volvo tuning specialist Heico Sportiv has done a great job by tuning this machine. They have added new features, have worked with the design and fine tuned every part of the car. They have styled the front spoiler and placed it on the original bumper. There is a rear skirt which is well placed in the diffuser. The tail pipes are placed in the diffuser.

The car has sport springs which actually lower the height of the ride. Now when it comes to wheel you get a choice, you can either choose between a 18 inch or a 20 inch wheel. But you get another choice as well, the option to choose your own kind of engine. There is a power kit which is kept for the 2.0 turbo charged gasoline unit, thus it adds extra horse power of 475 bhp and a torque of 50nm. Now there the T6 engine to boost the hp to 330 bhp and you can get a torque of 460 nm. But your option does not end out here, you get engines of T3, T4.T5 as well.

This car gives you various options to give you your customized power drive. The looks are a typical masculine SUV and it stands as the epitome of power and speed. It is sure to be every man’s dream machine. The tuning has surely been one of the best to add new life to the car and usher in a new breed to powerful SUV. This car will not only give you a perfect drive but perfect comfort as well and when you get to custom and hand pick the car’s wheels and engine it surely will be a car with which you will be happy and contempt.

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