The Audi 9 Edition-More Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

2014 Audi A9 1 The Audi 9 Edition More Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly

2014 Audi A9 2 The Audi 9 Edition More Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly

2014 Audi A9 4 The Audi 9 Edition More Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly

Audi automaker always takes care of the interests of general people by providing more speed, dynamism, swiftness and reliability to car users. However, this year Audi 9 car will certainly convince teens and oldies by offering a number of outstanding features and excellent performance.

Audi 9 edition is equipped with lightweight compartment plus durable wheelbases, tire bands, struts, fenders and side skirts. This car is meant for persons who love luxury and modern fashion. Car designers have sketched this theme car using innovative ideas. They have specially highlighted interior décor of the car cabin. There will be very fantastically decorated car seats which will be properly adjusted to provide complete satisfaction to car passengers. Window glass shields are transparent and more attractive with easy operability features. The car is designed with smooth roof line, fluorescent headlamps at the front facelift, trapezoid shaped grilles, bumpers, lamp indicators and rear lamp casings. Doors of the car are durable and designed with sophisticated interlocking systems.

According to team of engineers who have designed this Audi 9 version, this fashionable car will be light in weight but more eco-friendly. This vehicle can vie with Mercedes CL edition. Audi 8 car model has already been brought to market, but this time the company has fixed an extensive car up gradation and tuning program to reshape the new concept car applying sophisticated technology to make the new futuristic vehicle more competent and fuel efficient. Audi car will overtake Audi 8 version in terms of interior décor, efficiency, and mileage coverage. The car will be upgraded in more scientific way so that there will be the least possibility of huge carbon emission in the form of black smoke. The outer hull of Audi 9 edition will be painted in marvellous colour shades like silvery white. The street navigation systems of this futuristic vehicle are up to date and powerful.

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