The Audi A9 may appear in market on 2014, as Cabriolet and Coupe

Audi A9 8 The Audi A9 may appear in market on 2014, as Cabriolet and Coupe

Audi A9 7 The Audi A9 may appear in market on 2014, as Cabriolet and Coupe

Convertible Audi A9 will be presented to people by the end of 2014. This cabriolet with foldable hood will have excellent features like low carbon emission system, durable doors, bonnet, and car accessories. This Audi 9 version will be equipped with double door facility. Car designers will design this A- 9 coupe in imitation of A-8 car model. But the company is confident of gearing up condition of this new car using modern technology.

The internal frame of A-9 version will be durable with long lasting features like easy to care car seats, street navigation systems, and foldable car seats. This futuristic cabriolet has convenient convertible features. This convertible coupe will be decorated with four retractable car seats with leather made accessories. Glass window screens will be retractable and detachable if required. The rooftop is soft and foldable. The 5 meter long A-9 cabriolet has space inside the car compartment. That means car passengers can sit and stretch legs with comfort. Side glass window screens can be retracted easily. Doors are lockable with sophisticated escutcheons. There are other interior car d├ęcor accessories like floor carpet, an ergonomically built grip safe steering wheel, an odometer, a tire pressure measurement tool, in addition, set of clutches and accelerators in order. The car can run smoothly without discharging carbon in huge amount. Low vibration along with flexible car seats is salient features of this new car.

Technical specifications of this Audi A-9 version will be loaded with 4.0 litre capacitated V8, and V6 engines. However, the company is also thinking to upgrade this concept convertible vehicle with a 6.3 litre energy efficient W12 powerplant. This new convertible car will have sophisticated automatic transmission tools, gears, accelerators, carbon diffusing accessories and suspension dampers which can be installed into the car for upgrading cars in more organized way. Finally, new price chart of the A9 version will be declared just after premiere show.

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