The Bentley Continental 2012 Flying Spur Series 51

2012 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51 The Bentley Continental 2012 Flying Spur Series 51

2012 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51 2 The Bentley Continental 2012 Flying Spur Series 51

The designers of Bentley in Crewe, England who specialize in colour and tuning have all put their thinking caps on and have created this Series 51 design concept of Bentley which is not only vibrant but exclusive as well as innovative. The very talented John Bentley got the inspiration from the very 1st Bentley’s style which reincarnated the iconic 1950’s Bentley Continental. They are tailoring and designing their Bentleys and the team offers two variants – The Continental flying Spur and Flying Spur Speed, having 14 variants in total.

The Bentley series 51 of 2012 which is unique and very much recognizable; by its styling done at the cabin area, having a 3 tone interior- thus not only adding a dash of colour but also a touch of style. The ‘rule of 3’ applied by the Bentley’s team was their colour palette in a way which has added the vibrant touch to the car by using 3 contrasting colours. The cabin boasts of luxurious wood veneers as the main canvas boasts of superb quality leather. So what you get is a cabin which has a dark colouring for the part of the interior and a contrasting colour with the darker shade to catch the eyes. The stitching and the piping are highlighted with another contrast colour.

The customer can choose from wooden or aluminium panels for dashboard. You also get the option of leather trimmed special seat for children and the option of cushions in the rear seat. You can choose from the array of 14 options and what is so unique about Bentley is the customer feedback which they respect and look upon to create much stronger customer retention. The car exterior has a duo tone colour option; one colour sweeps from the bonnet over to the roof and then continues on top of the boot lid. The car boasts of 9 spoke 19 inch sports wheel.

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