The Brilliant 2011 NISSAN 370Z GT EDITION

2011 nissan 370z gt edition 1 The Brilliant 2011 NISSAN 370Z GT EDITION

2011 nissan 370z gt edition 2 The Brilliant 2011 NISSAN 370Z GT EDITION

The Nissan 370Z GT Edition is a sports car with a very powerful engine. The rear wheel drive vehicle which wears a Z badge is surely a special version of the vehicle from the car maker.

The 18inch wheel of the previous model has been replaced by the 19inch wheel and the GT stripes make the car look unique. The GT edition is less expensive than the standard model. The car with the unique logo of Z wears three body colours like pearl white, black rose and metallic black. The black rose shade is special to the GT edition only. Different colours on the car along with the forged alloy wheels of Rays give the car a grand look.

Both the GT edition along with the Coupe have some improvements tailor made for a smoother ride. Technicians who are responsible for the changes made are from the Nissan Technical Centre Europe. To balance the act of high speed driving and a comfortable ride it has changed the dampers. The tyre pressure monitoring system and a rear view mirror used for parking is a part of the navigation system used by Nissan. The sports car has a Torque capacity of 270 lb-ft @5200 RPM for the rear wheel drive. The new edition Nissan sports car has an optional 7 speed automatic transmission or a 6 speed manual one. The height is 51.8inches with a 72.6 width and a 167.2in length for the cars dimensions.

Nissan celebrated the success of GT racing by giving a sports car the 2011 Nissan 370Z GT a fresh look with a V6 engine. With 332 Hp at 7,000rpm and a 3.7 VQ37VHR engine also has a VVEL or a variable valve event and lift. The car is automatically set off on second gear for a snow mode of operation this helps to prevent the wheel from spinning on snow or ice.

Since a standard Nissan 370Z is priced at $30,610 one expects that the GT edition will be a little above this price.

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