The Citroen 2011 C4 e-HDi with Better Outlook

2011 Citroen C4 e Hdi 3 The Citroen 2011 C4 e HDi with Better Outlook

2011 Citroen C4 e Hdi The Citroen 2011 C4 e HDi with Better Outlook

In the automobile industry, the introduction of Citroen hybrid HDi car model to the market will be a matter of enticement as this car will be competent, energy efficient and compact with a number of excellent features. In comparison to other hybrid cars available in the market, this newly upgraded futuristic car will be activated by a functional power generator- starter motor. The power generator will produce sufficient energy to meet the power requirements of the car.

At a press conference, it has been stated that 1.6 litre capacity power train is basically powered by a type of turbo-charged diesel engine with eHDi technology which minimizes the air pollution. The car engine generates 110 bhp and maximum torque for the smooth running of the car. The carbon emission checking capability is excellent and this car is equipped with carbon diffuser and exhaust tool. The suspension unit monitors the movement and rotation of car wheels. The automatic transmission is competent enough to power the rear wheels. The tire bands are made of high quality rubber, which accelerate the gripping power. At the same time, the interior portion of the vehicle is made more attractive and elegant with interior d├ęcor items. Foldable and separable car seats are comfortable to sit on. The floor of the compartment of the car is rimmed with leather carpet which is soft and durable. The mind blowing colour of the car is an added advantage. The car ensures trouble free trip as the street navigation accessories are up to the mark and efficient. For extra safeguard there is the availability of suspension damper for adjusting the friction which is produced due to the friction between tire bands and road surface. It saves fuel as well due to the usage of hybrid technology.

Citroen-C4-e-HDi car has other features like upgraded steering wheel with leather coverage. The braking accessories, workable clutches, odometer, speedometer, weather checking system in unison with automatic suspension tools are some of the excellent traits of this new car model.

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