The Excitement around 2012 Renault ZOE

2012 Renault Zoe 2 The Excitement around 2012 Renault ZOE

2012 Renault Zoe 5 The Excitement around 2012 Renault ZOE

2012 Renault Zoe The Excitement around 2012 Renault ZOE

The 4.1 meters long electric econobox, 2012 Renault ZOE is a French make, manufactured in collaboration with Nissan, another automobile manufacturing company. The concept car made its debut at the Motor Show in Paris, last year.

The car is powered by a 60 kW (80 horsepower) electric engine which makes 164 lb-ft (222Nm) of torque making it a zero emission automobile. It speeds up to 84 mph and accelerates from 0-62 mph in only 8.1 seconds.

6-8 hours are needed for charging the car and can be done in two ways: either a wall box connected to the home outlet or by using electric vehicle supply unit (EVSU). Once fully charged, the concept car can go up to 99 miles straight.

The car’s production is 90% ready. It will go into final manufacture at its Flins plant, France. Changes are still to be made before its final rolling out into the market. If Renault develops an infrastructure in the final production called ‘Fast Charge’, this can enable its 2012 ZOE to obtain an emergency run of 37 miles after just 10 minutes of charging.

The concept is a mini car and measures 4.1 meters/161 inches in length, 788 meters/70.4 inches in width and 1.54 meters/60.63 inches in height. It is equipped with 19 inch wheels.

Inside the car, much attention has been paid to the comfort of its passengers. There is the climate control system which regulates humidity. Then there is a scent diffuser and a toxicity sensor keeping its occupants refreshed. The ‘light therapy’, in co-operation with Philips, makes good lighting of the car.

The Danes and the Israelis will benefit from the ‘Quickdrop’ batteries. Instead of charging the batteries, they will be able to exchange their used-up batteries for charged ones.

The car is expected to be launched in mid-2012.

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