The Exciting 2011 Jaguar SKR speed

2011 Jaguar XKR Speed The Exciting 2011 Jaguar SKR speed

2011 Jaguar XKR Speed 2 The Exciting 2011 Jaguar SKR speed

2011 Jaguar XKR Speed 1 The Exciting 2011 Jaguar SKR speed

Yet another leading car manufacturer of the brand name Jaguar is getting ready to ceremonially launch Jaguar 2011. The Jaguar SKR speed is to be launched at the motor show to be held in Geneva. The massive car SKR epitomizes style, speed and power. The car which is the ultimate in Jaguar’s supercharged technology will understandably include the improvised features. The latest model displays a phenomenal increase in speed. It will be in a position to ensure a speed of two hundred and eighty kilometres per hour which shows a significant rise of 30km/h over the previous model.

The speed as suggested by its name is the hallmark of this racing vehicle. This speed is attributable to its engine. The engine which is endowed with automatic transitions displays certain features of supercharged technology. Consisting of four cylinders, the engine embodies the spray guided technology based on direct injection. The engine with a torque of 625 Nm is tremendously capable to store power and ensure acceleration. A block made of iron is cast around the engine. The supercharger fitted to the engine is another unique feature of the latest model.

The front and hind side of SKR speed has been so designed that it performs in a balanced way even at the height of speed. The light weight of the vehicle also contributes to its balance. In spite of power and speed it ensures economy in terms of fuel consumption. This is because of the spray guided system which ensures cooling as a result of fuel injection. Its exhaust system along with the newly designed feedback system filters the sound produced by the supercharged engine. Thus the passenger and the driver are cut off from the whining sound of the fast engine.

The car which will definitely add a new dimension to speed, also exhibits a beautiful interior with new carpeting, touch screen and seats which are adaptable to variety in temperature.

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