The Exciting 2011 Renault R-Space Concept

2011 renault r space concept 1 The Exciting 2011 Renault R Space Concept

2011 renault r space concept 4 The Exciting 2011 Renault R Space Concept

2011 renault r space concept 3 The Exciting 2011 Renault R Space Concept

This is one car that you cannot do without if ‘family’ is your main priority. This car is superb for transporting children; it has a very unique design and a cash cab like interior. There are around 27 small motors which control the height and which can be adjusted in a hexahedron shaped platform which lies in the rear of this futuristic car. This car is sensuous, stylish and yet again very much family friendly. The fantastic feature of this car is that these unique motors can be controlled to give you a flat surface along with this you also get ample amount of free space for your children to play as well a table and a booster seat. The rear area is designed in such a way that it looks like a life incorporated on the bar graphs.

It gets its power from a very miniscule 900 cubic centimetre – 3 cylinder engines which is 9 litres. This uses direct injection and turbo charger. Thus this engine is unique but delivers an Hp of 110 and a torque of 118 pound feet. The very flexible wheelbase is controlled by dual clutch gear box.

When it comes to keeping mother nature happy, it leaves no stones unturned, as it emits just 95 grams/ kg of CO2 achieving a figure of 64 miles/ gallon. Its silhouette is just not sporty but is a mixture of a trendy car with a sporty looks and it is multi functional too. The car is an MPV and it suffices everyone’s requirements.

The compact car measures 167.3 inches. The car has got a new nose job done which looks absolutely stunning. The design of the car takes its inspiration from the human body and the honey gold body adds to its sensuous appeal as well.

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