The Exciting New 2011 Lexus ES350

2011 Lexus ES350 sedan 5 The Exciting New 2011 Lexus ES350

2011 Lexus ES350 sedan 7 The Exciting New 2011 Lexus ES350

2011 Lexus ES350 sedan 11 The Exciting New 2011 Lexus ES350

With a drop in the gasoline rating to a 87 octane the new Lexus ES350 is all grooved up for the year 2011. The customers have something to be happy about as the car prices have dropped and yet they can get the perfect and peaceful drive that they have been getting. The car gives you a HP of 268 and it also economizes on the fuel consumption too as it consumes 1 gallon in every 19 miles in the city and 1 gallon for every 27 miles on the highway. This is sure to be selling as one of the hot cakes of the season.

The car also has stylish front seats and also boasts of a leather trim interiors. It also has a Standard Brake Override System as well. This car surely has a lot of up gradation and surely the performance is superb. The car also has a Dual VVTi which is the Dual Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence and also has the ECT-I which is Electronically Controlled Transmission with intelligence. This car surely has all the intelligent features in the car industry.

There is also the Standard Stability Control System with Anti lock braking system with EBD as well as Brake assist. So even you are driving in the deserts to a muddy hillock, you get the much coveted drive. Safety is also given priority with sufficient brakes, totalling up to 10 airbags. There is also so new system with collision control system.

The car gives you the perfect luxury, comfort and pleasure. You can choose from 3 colours and the car also flaunts a one touch sliding moon roofs, as well as a key less entry and ignition which is push to start. This car is a car that you would love to own.

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