The Futuristic 2013 Mitsubishi Hybrid Crossover

2013 Mitsubishi hybrid crossover 1 The Futuristic 2013 Mitsubishi Hybrid Crossover

2013 Mitsubishi hybrid crossover 2 The Futuristic 2013 Mitsubishi Hybrid Crossover

Mitsubishi the established name in auto industry is grandly planning to offer its elite customers a hybrid crossover. Legendary Yoshikazu Nakamura who is the head of electric vehicle unit of Mitsubishi has proudly announced that this novel hybrid crossover car will be availed to its elite customers in 2013.

Although information prevailed on this fabulous car is not much but Auto Week has effectively reported that this model has primarily drawn an inspiration from the amazing concept of Px-MiEV which was honourably debuted in the motor show of Tokyo in 2009. As it was revealed the Px-MiEV has enormously utilized an 85 kW with corresponds to either 116 PS or 114 hp. There is even a 1.6 litre engine which is incorporated with four fantastic motors in order to generate 600 kW which corresponds to 82 PS or 80 hp for its elite customers. It also integrates a 200 Nm corresponding to torque 147 lb-ft.

This outstanding hybrid crossover of Mitsubishi could amazingly travel up to 30 miles which corresponds to 48 kilometres only on electricity. This has tremendously assisted this crossover to offer a fuel efficiency rating which is quite impressive. It optimally rates to either 2.0 1/100 km or 117 mpg by the optimal action of the United States. Mitsubishi has always been a global winner for its innovative cars whether it was its e compact concept or colt juro special edition or concept of teases which had won the prime frame of small concept in the globe. However, its hybrid crossover which is going to hit the market in 2013 is a much awaited car for its elite customers. Though its esteemed clients have explored the concept of PX-MIEV in 2009 but they are very much eager to discover this novel car of era that is purely environment friendly with its outstanding features as well as specifications.

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