The Futuristic 2015 Audi A2 Version- Runs Fast- Eco-Friendly-Easy to Drive

2015 audi a2 front illustration The Futuristic 2015 Audi A2 Version  Runs Fast  Eco Friendly Easy to Drive

Audi A2 car model will be presented to international market by 2015. This futuristic car will be spacious with enlarge compartment and scratch resistant outer hull of the chassis. At the same time, the car designers will use high quality but cost effective aluminium sheets to make Audi A2 edition more durable and lighter. Audi A2 variant will be a hybrid vehicle which is battery powered as well. The extra protection will be given to the interior d├ęcor of the car. New technology will be utilized to accelerate performance level. In a press release, one of the spokeswomen of Audi automaker has revealed that the company has taken decision to use Modular Querbaukaste metal sheets for the decoration of the car compartment. This is less expensive material and the company will be gainer in the long run by cutting expenses.

The overall weight of Audi A2 car body will be 1900 pounds in weight as lightweight aluminium sheets will be used to manufacture this A2 car model. At the same time, it has also been stated that with times proceeding, the price of aluminium and other car accessories is shooting up. Audi A2 concept cars will be launched in 2015. Meanwhile, experts of Audi have held a number of discussions and conferences to finalize the deal. This time, Audi is preparing itself to chalk out special plans to design A2 car models by bringing changes to exterior and interior sections of the car. Glass windows will be flat, thin, and transparent. The front and rear glass windscreens will be more attractive and well fitted to the compartment of the car.

2015 Audi A2 will be equipped with 1-speed automatic transmission with EV mode. This futuristic car can cover 150 miles using mono one speed transmission tool. Powertrain can pump out maximum 110 horsepower. There will be total three cylinders inside the car for allowing the car run speedily and smoothly. There will be alternate option between gasoline and diesel. EV mode will provide extra power to drive the car during emergency. The electric powered car can run covering maximum 60 miles.

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