The Gull Winged TATA Pixel

Tata Pixel Concept The Gull Winged TATA Pixel

Tata Pixel Concept 3 The Gull Winged TATA Pixel

Tata Pixel Concept 2 The Gull Winged TATA Pixel

Pixel is the new ultra modern concept car developed by TATA motors and displayed at the Geneva Auto Show. The Tata Pixel car design and concept look a lot similar to the Pininfarina Nido. However, there isn’t any mention about the collaboration of any kind between the two.

The very efficient four-seater with a complete different new concept of a city car gives the car manufacturers something to be proud of. The Pixel is only 3 metre in length and at the same time can comfortably accommodate four passengers. This makes the car a vehicle which will be looked at with a lot of interest. The driving around in the city offer less space to park and even lesser space for manoeuvring. At such times the Zero Turn system gives the car a uniqueness which will attract city buyers. A 2.6 meters radius turning circle and an IVT or Infinitely Variable Transmission which aids rotation of the outer rear wheel forwards and the inner wheel backwards when the vehicle needs to be manoeuvred with low speed helps the driver who is in for city driving. The scissor doors which open upwards take less space.

A turbo charged diesel engine powered by a 1.2liter three cylinders is situated at the back and gives the vehicle a fuel consumption of about 3.4liters for every 100km of distance covered. An optimized aerodynamic, low rolling-resistance tires and the stop-start technology helps to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions making it eco-friendly. The carbon-dioxide emission is about 89gm per kilometre.

The current MD and CEO of Tata Motors Carl-Peter Forster pointed out that the Pixel is a car which is rather environment friendly, with a lesser utilization of space and great manoeuvring capacity will make a mark in the European market.

At the 81st Geneva Motor show Pixel which is a Gull-winged compact car which was unveiled by Ratan Tata.

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