The Leaked Scans of TOYOTA PASSO SETTE

Toyota passo sette 2009 leaked scans The Leaked Scans of TOYOTA PASSO SETTE

Toyota passo sette 2009 leaked scans 2 The Leaked Scans of TOYOTA PASSO SETTE

The joint venture between Toyota and Daihatsu is creating the MPV Toyota Passo Sette. The two vehicles the Daihatsu Boon Luminas and the Toyota Passo Sette will give the Proton MPV a tough competition. However the scanned images of the upcoming car have been leaked to the market. With a price tag of 1.8 million yen or for some other version 1.45million yen is the expected price although it appears to be smaller than Proton.

The word Luminas indicates well lit with space and Passo in the brand name of the Toyota and it means seven-seater in the Italian language. Both the Boon Luminas and Passo Sette are powered by the 1.5 litre 35Z-VE emitting 109PS at 6,000 rpm and the torque generated is 141Nm, at 4,400 rpm. A four speed auto is there both for the front wheel drive and the 4WD variant too. With a 15.6km per litre for the front wheel drive. To give the driver an indication of the economical driving style there is an eco-drive indicator light on the dashboard. The Dieahatsu Boon Luminas CX is longer than the Toyota Passo Sette. The Boon Luminas measures about 4,195 mm in length while the Toyota Passon Sette measures about 4,180mm.

The Toyota vehicle has a keyless start and entry. A 7 inch widescreen monitor, DVD player and a rear seat entertainment system is what gives this car a spectacular interior. The Boon Luminas also has an entertaining system and both vehicles can store a 660 minutes of audio material on the cars system and save the burden of carrying CD’s. The ABS brakes and the VSC or vehicle stability control along with airbags are some of the safety advantages of the vehicles. There is a price difference of both the vehicles while the Toyota Passo Sette is priced between 2,033,000 yen and 1,490,000 yen the Daihatsu Boon Luminas is available for 2,073,000 yen.

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