The Maserati Kuba SUV Exciting Design Details

Maserati Kuba SUV 9 The Maserati Kuba SUV Exciting Design Details

Maserati Kuba SUV 5 The Maserati Kuba SUV Exciting Design Details

Designer Andrey Trofimchuk has surely redefined innovation when he gave design to this new Maserati Kuba SUV. This car surely has similarity with the design of the 2002 Dodge Razor Concept. This car surely has a very royal appeal with its high tech design but the question is will it really win the hearts of the knowledge craving consumers who have plenty of options to choose from.

The specialty of this car is that it has an inverted A-pillar on the up front. So the American makers have actually given a unique styling to this new type of SUV. Again there are two sides of a coin. One of the popular belief thinks that this SUV will make the consumers crave to ride this machine, while the other opinion about the car says that the driving class might not accept this car with open arms. It is just a matter of time and we all have to wait and watch as to how this car is welcomed.

Much details about the car is not available, so a part of the consumers who like to have a 100% knowledge about their car is not left happy, where as those who love surprises are left guessing. This car is surely getting the publicity it requires by keeping the much needed details about the car as incognito. There is much hue and cry about this car and the buzz has already been created, but whether this car will actually live up to the consumer’s expectations or not is still questionable.

This car looks good, classy and majestic, interiors too look well equipped and classy, but as we have no details about its performance we all have to be patient and wait till the car’s launch. Lets hope the great car achieves great sales number.

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