The Mitsubishi e Compact Concept- Energy Efficient

Mitsubishi e compact Concept 1 The Mitsubishi e Compact Concept  Energy Efficient

Mitsubishi e compact Concept 3 The Mitsubishi e Compact Concept  Energy Efficient

Mitsubishi e-compact futuristic car will definitely bring comfort to car users who want full satisfaction from driving their favourite four wheelers. This well known Japanese company has taken one step further by undertaking a very important project about the releasing of a fully upgraded ultra-modern concept car with excellent features. At Geneva auto show this car will be displayed. The higher authority of Mitsubishi auto manufacturing unit is proud of releasing their concept car models for participating into the car exhibition.

In a press conference, CEO of the Japanese automaker has analyzed extensively about the various features of this e-compact car. For instance, e stands for excellent design, effective and flawless engineering, efficiency, eco-friendly, electric powered motor and fuel economic features. The car will be available in the shape of 3.74 m (Length) X 1.68 m (Width). There is marvellous seating arrangement for five adults inside the compartment of the car. The energy efficient MIVEC petrol fed power train is competent to produce maximum torque and power for allowing the car to run smoothly at high speed. There are functional three cylinders which are in perfect order. Auto stop is another added feature of the car. At the same time, this Japanese car model is also energy efficient and environment friendly.

On the other hand, this e-compact Mitsubishi vehicle is powered by battery which provides power to activate power train. Power generating machine has been installed in proper place of the car. The car will be also designed with latest version of suspension gear box, 0% carbon emission tool and automatic transmission accessory for delivering power to rear wheels. Mitsubishi e-compact concept car doesn’t back fire smoke or fume in the air. Suspension damper is able to minimize the excessive road friction. The car is made more unique in design by decorating the car with excellent leather work and usage of ultra-light materials.

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