The Mitsubishi Flexis Concept Car designed by David Cardoso

Mitsubishi Flex Design The Mitsubishi Flexis Concept Car designed by David Cardoso

Mitsubishi Flex Design 2 The Mitsubishi Flexis Concept Car designed by David Cardoso

Mitsubishi, the well known Japanese automaker has taken a resolution to expand its business in automobile market by realizing more ergonomic and energy-efficient vehicles. This Japanese automaker has put much emphasis on the overall aesthete and performance of the vehicle. Mitsubishi Grandis has also been designed by this automaker.

However, the Mitsubishi Grandis car model has not been put in line with Tarago, the Australian car model. Right now, David Cardoso, the world famous artist and car designer has made a brilliant attempt to create a concept car model under the name of Flexis. Mitsubishi Flexis will have better interior decoration and the seating arrangement will be more perfect and up to the mark. To be brief, this new concept car will redefine the car design in more organized way. Flexis will be smaller than Grandis edition. Grandis is a car with seven seats whereas the Flexis car will be packed with five seats which must be retractable, foldable and expandable for proper adjustment. According to Codoso, he has borrowed design from Opel Merivia to make this Flexis car more attractive.

Mitsubishi Flexis futuristic car will be loaded with energy-efficient power train and properly fitted cylinders. The car engine will have maximum capacity to deliver 217 NM torque. The car wheelbases will have durable tire bands covering the borderline of the wheelbases. The fenders are also attached to protect car wheels from mud water. The automatic transmission tool, suspension dampers, power plant, exhaust system and carbon diffuser are also important car accessories which will be installed into the car. Torque will be delivered to wheelbases via upgraded automatic transmission tools. The car compartment is also designed with grip safe steering wheel, leather accessory, odometer, street navigation system and tire pressure gauging tools. The internal chassis of the car will be flexible and durable. The car bonnet will be light in weight and easy to maintain.

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