The New 2012 Dodge Caravan for the Pro

Ram CV 3 The New 2012 Dodge Caravan for the Pro

Ram CV 2 The New 2012 Dodge Caravan for the Pro

Ram CV 1 The New 2012 Dodge Caravan for the Pro

Chrysler group’s division, Ram truck unveiled their new and shiny Cargo Van better known as the Ram C/V having a flatter load area and boasting of solid panels, this car definitely created the much awaited hue and cry. So what the car boasts of is the 3.6 litre Penta star V6 engine, delivering a good hp of 283 and a torque of 260 lb- feet. So when you drive this car on the highway the fuel consumption will be 25 mpg because the V6 engine is actually linked with a 6 speed transmission that is automatic.

So this is truly heavy duty as it not only has heavy duty radiators along with rugged transmission cooler for oil, but it also has a new suspension which levels the heavy duty. It flaunts a 144 cubic feet for storage in the interior and a cargo payload of 1800 lb but also has capabilities of towing 3600 lbs.

So when you combine Superman with a He man you get the car which is known as the Ram Cargo and it surely has more powers than a Ram. This car delivers as well as performs when it comes to speed, engine, and power. It is best suited for carrying heavy truck loads and picking up heavy things thus simplifying the work for others. This car is sure to make the life of humans much easier and definitely adds the dash of style when it hits the roads. With the looks of a hero and the power of a Hercules, this car will surely give the other truck a run for their money. So when it hits the road, and performs its tasks, it will surely keep you wondering about the power it has and the utility it displays.

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