The Photos of Audi RS 3 Sedan Car released

Audi A3 Saloon Concept 1 The Photos of Audi RS 3 Sedan Car released

Audi A3 Saloon Concept 3 The Photos of Audi RS 3 Sedan Car released

Audi A3 Saloon Concept 2 The Photos of Audi RS 3 Sedan Car released

The fact is that demand for sedan cars is now high. There are numerous sedan car manufacturing companies which release their new car models to satisfy general persons. Now, a comprehensive comparison study must prove that Audi has outperformed multinational automakers by gifting heavy and light weighted saloon cars which offer reliable service to people. Right now, this internationally recognized automaker has decided to launch Audi RS 3 car model which will be improved by installing 2.5 litre turbo charged V5 power plant. The engine works in excellent way.

Audi RS 3 concept car is attractive in design with eye-catching colour contrast. This futuristic vehicle has been upgraded using the ultra-light materials. The gorgeous red coloured car body looks great in combination with the chrome grille. The front facelift of the vehicle is also made attractive by installing a two pair of silvery white coloured rings, insignia of the famous car maker. The car has four durable and easy to care wheelbases which are properly fixed to scratch resistant axle rods of the car. In addition, car wheels are also decorated with tire bands for increasing gripping power and smooth rotation of the wheels. 2011 Geneva auto show will showcase these car models for public viewing.

According to experts, Audi RS 3 cars will be more dynamic, luxurious and attractive. Audi RS 3 edition car is also made more presentable installing new car seats, sun visors, dashboard with flawless texture, inset glass reflector casings, odometer for distance measurement, speedometer for gauging speed, climate checking or monitoring tools, front glass shield to increase the visibility, ergonomic steering wheel along with street navigation accessory. The car will also be made more powerful by inserting very high quality automatic transmission tool box, suspension damper for absorbing friction emerging from close contact of the wheels with street surface. In addition the carbon diffuser is also a part of car tuning and upgrading program.

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