The Spectacular Fiat Punto 150° Special Edition Version

2011 fiat punto 150 special edition 1 The Spectacular Fiat Punto 150° Special Edition Version

2011 fiat punto 150 special edition The Spectacular Fiat Punto 150° Special Edition Version

Fiat Punto 150° is simply spectacular. This car is especially launched for the perspective of anniversary celebration of integration of 150 years with a joint of Italy. This fabulous car of Fiat is a brand new edition which is quite special chronicle designed for a Grande Punto. It is designated 150° to grandly applaud a Fiat Punto. This car is expected to go on high sales in April with its magnificent two-tone. In addition, it encompasses unique amalgamate rims that are quite lightweight. There is an effective light paint `Azzurro Italia’ and beautiful medals upon B-pillars. The most enchanting is undoubtedly logo of 150°.

The other exclusive features that are sported in mighty car of Fiat includes super efficient air conditioning and an air wave or an unbeatable scheme of CD audio which is harmonized with a gracious MP3. The other incomparable integrations that are accessible for elite users are operation of haze lamb that is in vogue upon front of Punto to offer it a fantastic look. The enigmatic representation of this car which is memorial is its 3 Euro engines that are five compliant. Both of them are perfectly sported with gas burners to offer 69 hp at 1.2 litre and 77 hp at 1.4 litre to elite users.

Esteemed users will be amazed to find a mono fuel of diesel motor to offer 75 hp of Multijet II optimally at 1.3 litre. Moreover, all engines of this magnificent car is equipped with a start and stop design which is quite customary. It is heartening to note that soon Fiat is bound to suggest a 70 hp with 1.4 litre engine that will run not only on gasoline but also LPG. This car is effectively to be priced at $14,000 as bottom cost primarily in Italy with an incorporation of 1.2-liter version of Fiat Punto 150°.

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