The Stunning 2011-Wheelsandmore-Ferrari-458-Italia

2011 Wheelsandmore Ferrari 458 Italia 1 The Stunning 2011 Wheelsandmore Ferrari 458 Italia

2011 Wheelsandmore Ferrari 458 Italia 2 The Stunning 2011 Wheelsandmore Ferrari 458 Italia

WheelsandMore Ferrari 458 Italia 2011 car model will be more attractive and fuel efficient. In comparison to previous car models, WheelsandMore Ferrari 458 car is fully upgraded. This concept car has been designed and tuned by WheelsandMore, a German car designer and refiner. This vehicle will be made more competent by installing powerful engine which will have the capacity to generate 620 hp with a surplus of 100 pound feet torque. The sprinting time of this car is 3.32 seconds to cover 60mph.

The Ferrari 458 Italia 2011 car model is nice to look as car designers have outlined special diagram to increase the aesthetic quality of the car. The car is manufactured with ultra-light materials and durable metal sheet which perform better to redesign the concept car with perfection. This futuristic vehicle is upgraded with suspension damper and automatic transmission tool box for bringing perfection to car movement and friction/shock controlling process. According to experts, WheelsandMore Ferrari 458 Italia car model must satisfy general persons who need vehicles to reach their destinations in time. The car’s interior design is superb as high quality leather and foam are used to manufacture and design car seats which are also durable, soft and easy to operate. For increasing the safeguard, the car seats are also designed with leather straps for physical safety.

On the other hand, 21 inches wheelbases are also covered with durable tire bands to add smoothness to the wheel rotation. Wheelbases are further well fitted to axle bars as well. The automatic transmission tool performs well in shifting power/torque from power plant to rear wheels. This futuristic vehicle will have excellent street navigation accessories and climate checking tools. There is an odometer to measure the distance. The ergonomic steering wheel is user-friendly and helpful to car drivers to drive the car with comfort. The windscreen and air outlets are properly adjusted to compliment the stylish looks. This concept vehicle is also loaded with exhaust systems, accelerators, brakes and easy to maintain tire pressure measurement tools.

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