The Thrilling 2011-Nissan-Elgrand Car Review

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2011 Nissan X Trail 4 The Thrilling 2011 Nissan Elgrand Car Review

After achieving massive success in performing well, 2011 Nissan Elgrand version has been properly tuned and upgraded utilizing light weight and workable car accessories and sophisticated tools to increase the competency level of the car. Earlier first and second generation Nissan Elgrand car models have earned popularity due to reliable service with excellent performance track record.

According to experienced engineers of this Nissan Elgrand manufacturing unit, the new 2011 Nissan Elgrand vehicles are decorated with foldable and separable retractable car seats with soft leather cushions. Multi-functional electronic gadgets and car accessories are used for strengthening the monitoring and car navigation systems. Easy to care private music system has been installed inside car. Car passengers can listen to marvellous songs and musical notes for bringing perfection to car travel/trip. BoseĀ® Surround Audio system has been inserted into car for bringing clarity to the sound track.

New Elgrand car also features a 3.5 litre capacitated VQ35DE power train for generating maximum torque and power. This energy efficient power generating system delivers 6400rpm inclusive of 344Nm Torque. 2.5 litres efficient Elgrand is also equipped with fuel efficient QR25DE engine. This car is famous for good speed, excellent start up process, the least technical disorder, lowest amount of carbon output and least feasibility for release of bad odour inclusive of excellent aerodynamic features.

Besides, new edition of Elgrand line-up is also very eco-friendly and fuel efficient. The car has durable tire bands covering the borderline of wheelbases. Suspension dampers with excellent road friction prevention and checking capability features are attached with car wheelbases to control road friction and shock overflow from the direct friction of wheelbases with road surfaces. Automatic transmission system plus exhaust system are workable and easy to care. The street navigation accessories are up to the mark and adjustable to the car compartment.

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