The Thrilling New 2011 Exagon e-GT

2011 Exagon e GT 1 The Thrilling New 2011 Exagon e GT

2011 Exagon e GT 3 The Thrilling New 2011 Exagon e GT

At the Motor Show in Paris, last year, the French auto manufacturers, Exagon Motors, presented their all-electric, zero emission, eco-friendly new car, the 2011 Exagon Furtive e-GT.

The electric supercar has two electric motors, the lightest and the most compact ever with outstanding efficiency, a display of Siemens Corporate Technology. Both the motors work together with an output of 125kW individually and emit power of 340 horsepower at 5000-10,000 rpm. Their lithium-ion batteries are manufactured by Saft. The car picks speed from 0- 62mph (100km/h) in 3.5 seconds. It has an electric range of 249miles (400km) added to 298 miles (800km) range with an optional range extender run on gasoline. The engine run by gasoline is a combustion engine with small cylinder capacity. It charges the batteries when required. It acts only as a generator and since it has no effect on the car’s wheels, it has very little fuel consumption. The Furtive e-GT is the only car manufactured so far which gives a range of average autonomies in the all-electric mode. At the speed of 50 km/h, it gives 402 km autonomy, at 90 km/h, it gives 288 km, at 110 km/h, it gives 241 km and at 130 km/h, it gives 197 km. These figures are when the vehicle is moving at a constant speed.

The car measuring 4.5 meters in length with rear overhangs and the very short front has aerodynamics as its main priority. It is made for covering long distances, and so is made very sturdy. It has room enough to seat four passengers (2+2seater) with their baggage in the leather interior.

It is a versatile car that functions as a sports car and simultaneously provides the luxury and comfort of an executive car! It gives an unparalled thrill to driving experience.

Furtive e-GT has to still find a rival!

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