The Volkswagen Transporter Rockton, 2011 edition

2011 Volkswagen Transporter Rockton edition 1 The Volkswagen Transporter Rockton, 2011 edition

2011 Volkswagen Transporter Rockton edition 4 The Volkswagen Transporter Rockton, 2011 edition

New Volkswagen Transporter Rockton van has been modified by installing a powerful Haldex type 4 wheel drive accessory with durable metal base and attractive interior car décor items. This van has a number of excellent features like mind blowing colour contrast, high quality leather upholsteries, easy operability mechanism, excellent weather checking and street monitoring modes.

In an e-journal, experts have stated frankly that the facelift of this ultra-modern van is sharp and prominent in design. 2011 Volkswagen Transporter Rockton van has been upgraded with a competent 2.0 litre turbo-charged diesel fed engine which offers two horsepower options like either 140 hp or 180 horsepower. The car seats are adjustable and these car accessories get properly tuned for ensuring full satisfaction when someone travels by this van. Inside the compartment of the van, there is sufficient room for safekeeping of luggage and other products.

VW also gifts two new Volkswagen Transporter Kits which contain both expedition and protective tools. The expedition car package offers high quality 16 inch AT(all-terrain) tire bands which have rimmed steel based wheelbases for determining extra traction and gripping power. This expedition car package also provides fabric covered cushions which are retractable with fantastic contours. The seam line has been stitched with more perfection. Protective package provides efficient protectors/shields to keep auto-transmission and suspension tools in safe. The fuel reservoir of the car is capable of storing fuel for future supply. This van car is equipped with solid hood and bonnet. Extra care has been taken to décor the interior compartment of the van. Front and rear axle bars of the van are solid, smooth and scratch resistant. The price of this van ranges from € 34,545 inclusive of VAT. However if someone wants to buy the Expedition car package for bringing lustre and elegance to the car, he or she will have to bear €42,490 exclusive of VAT at primary stage. The price of the car will be higher depending on car models and selection of car package.

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