Volkswagen 2011 Touareg Cobra Vehicle Tuning Package

2011 Volkswagen Touareg Cobra Volkswagen 2011 Touareg Cobra Vehicle Tuning Package

2011 Volkswagen Touareg Cobra 2 Volkswagen 2011 Touareg Cobra Vehicle Tuning Package

Just few days back, Volkswagen Touareg Cobra technology has been launched to tune sports utility vehicles. This sophisticated Cobra technology is high in quality and it upgrades the SUV cars in more organized way. Cobra car kit offers a package of car accessories such as stainless steel base hardware which will provide extra safeguards to the car. The car is also designed with the side bars and front bumpers. The company has brought several changes to the car models for achieving higher competency.

The 20 inch spacious wheelbase with shod and spikes have made the car more dynamic and unique in design. This Cobra technology has used a number of highly sophisticated tools for bringing perfection to the overall car design. Alloy wheels with rims of tire bands are durable and long lasting. There are other significant features of this new car model. The side skirts, automatic transmission, struts or suspension damper with axle bars have been added to the package of car accessories. According to experts, after vast experiments and research, the auto maker has installed energy efficient and durable tools and car accessories into the VW car models for ensuring excellent performance.

VW Tourag car package also includes competent power train and clamshaft. Engine is capable to generate 180 bhp at the rate of 5500 rpm along with 235 Newton Meter for supplying power to the rear wheelbases. The car is also designed with retractable car seats which are covered with leather envelops and perfectly stitched seam line. The car seats are expandable and repairable and adjustable for keeping the anatomical balance in more systematic way. Car is also designed with a set of beautifully decorated glass mirror casings and sun visors for preventing UV rays. The air spoiler along with ventilator is also available inside the car compartment for maintaining the constant airflow. An ergonomically designed steering wheel is installed on the car. The odometer, tire pressure measurement tool and internal chassis are easy to care with proper interoperability systems.

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