Volvo-C30-Electric Powered Vehicle Will Be More Dynamic and Energy-Efficient

Volvo C30 Electric Volvo C30 Electric Powered Vehicle Will Be More Dynamic and Energy Efficient

Volvo-C30-Electric vehicles are eco-friendly and battery charged. However, recently Volvo management team has decided to let the electric powered vehicle undergo a number of tests and experiments to ward off weather roughness and poor climatic condition. After getting complaints lodged by consumers against the poor performance of lithium ion batteries during winter and summer days, Volvo experts have taken a number of steps to protect car accessories and energy efficient powertrain, suspension tool, automatic transmission, lithium battery, street navigation accessories from natural calamity.

Volvo is planning to test the efficiency of C30 electric powered vehicle which is supposed to be found in Swedish market. This car must have excellent weather resistance power along with excellent performance track record. In a press note, the company’s CEO has confirmed the up gradation and tuning of the C 30 electric propelled vehicles in more systematic way. To fight with chilly wintry night, bone shivering dew laden air plus thick layer of moisture in the outdoor atmosphere, this new car model will be upgraded with energy efficient bio-ethanol fuelled powertrain and suspension dampers.

To increase the longevity of the lithium ion battery, technical experts have used most sophisticated technology to keep the battery pack in safe. Lithium batteries must be insulated properly for accelerating the durability and working efficiency of the batteries. Special emphasis will also be given to the outer hull of the car compartment and car wheelbases. Durable wheelbases will be rimmed with tire bands, fenders, struts, and adjusted to axle bars. Suspension dampers will perform accurately in preventing backfire of massive shock and friction. The car will have durable windscreens, sun visors, inset glass mirrors, retractable car seats and round area rugs covering the floor of the car compartment. In the cockpit of the car, there will be a perfectly designed steering wheel, an odometer for checking mileage covered by the car plus speedometer, tire pressure measuring tool, and weather forecast tools.

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