Zetros 6×6 Truck-Perfect for Hunting in Mongolia

Mercedes Zetros 2 Zetros 6x6 Truck Perfect for Hunting in Mongolia

Mercedes Zetros 1 Zetros 6x6 Truck Perfect for Hunting in Mongolia

Mercedes Benz has recently launched more spacious and sophisticated Zetros 6×6 truck with excellent interoperability accessories. This large truck can be used to hunt wild beasts and bird. Those who are professional hunters must opt for Zetros 6×6 trucks for getting advantage to shoot and catch animals by covering the distance using this truck. The spacious Zetros 6×6 truck is solid and durable as experts have used long lasting and non-breakable accessories which have been installed into this truck for accelerating the performance. This technically upgraded vehicle is suitable to adventurous excursion and trip. This heavy vehicle is packed with all wheel driving systems.

The exterior portion of this well built Zetros 6×6 truck is naturally eco-friendly. It never discharges fumes which can disturb nature. Nor is it competent to vibrate wildly by releasing harsh sound. It runs smoothly and competently. This Zetros 6×6 truck has also been improved by inserting 7.2 liter capacitated powertrain is fed with diesel and it doesn’t pollute the air. In designing the car, car designers have used durable internal framework in imitation of Actros and Axor car models. The powertrain delivers maximum 326hp at the rate of 1,200 to 1,600 rpm. The truck will be equipped with a number of tools like automatic transmission for swift delivery of torque to car wheels, drivetrain, carbon diffuser, exhaust pipe and spoiler which ensures smooth airflow into the compartment of the truck.

Besides, this truck is also filled with musical gadgets and audio-visual systems like 7 inch touchscreen television set. Those who will feel bored during traveling can renew mind by watching movies, listening to music and surfing net. The fuel tank can store up to 300 liters. This car is also designed with durable wheelbases which are perfectly attached to the fixed front and rear axle bars. The road navigation system is also available in this Zetros 6×6 truck.

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