2011-Mopar Dodge Variant – Dynamic and More Resilient

2011 mopar dodge charger limited edition 2011 Mopar Dodge Variant – Dynamic and More Resilient

Mopar Challenger 2010 has already won hearts of million people. Now the company is focusing their attention to the manufacturing unit for the development of a new car which will be more spacious, durable, and energy-efficient. Pietro Gorlier who is supposed to be the CEO of Mopar, has admitted that the company will manufacture Mopar Dodger editions which are beautifully decorated with ultra-light metal sheet and carbon fibers.

This newly upgraded Mopar Dodger variant has been designed with black colored alloy wheelbases in right combination with black trims and painted exterior surface. The car will have dynamic rear cargo wagon with boot lid. There is enough space inside the boot lid for keeping luggage and collectibles. The front facelift of the car has been upgraded with trapezoidal grilles with air inlets for the smooth airflow. Fluorescent headlamps are really attractive and powerful. Inside the car compartment, therein lie leather accessories, adjustable car seats, and floor mats. The driver’s cockpit is also decorated with a steering wheel which has been wrapped with durable leather coverage. The energy-efficient odometer, tire pressure measurement tool, electronic infotainment systems have been added to the car compartment. The front windscreen of the new car is durable, clear and accessible to sunlight. However it also guards wind and dust. The sun visor of the car cabin prevents sunlight to great extent. There is air ventilator which ensures entry of air smoothly.

There are also energy efficient powertrain, automatic transmission, and suspension dampers. The road friction is checked due to the usage of metal struts, and suspension dampers. The co-efficiency of the engine is low and therefore the car will not face obstruction while moving discarding air pressure. The low carbon emission system is functional. Carbon diffuser, sound reduction tool, exhaust system, and electronic street navigation devices have been used and planted inside the car cabin for increasing the efficiency of the vehicle.

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