2011 MY 159 with New 2.0 JTDM and Revised Features

2011 MY 159 2011 MY 159 with New 2.0 JTDM and Revised Features

2011 MY 159 4 2011 MY 159 with New 2.0 JTDM and Revised Features

2011 MY 159 3 2011 MY 159 with New 2.0 JTDM and Revised Features

Alfa Romeo has finally made a proclamation by stating that 2011MY 159 variant will be launched into the UK based market. The 2011MY 159 saloon cars will have excellent features like automatic clutches, low carbon emission system, sound reduction accessory, and exhaust system.

2.0 liter JTDM is a diesel fed powertrain which generates more torque and power to activate the car wheels. The turbocharged unit supplies 136bhp at the rate of 4000 rpm inclusive of 350 NM torque. This saloon car has been upgraded with a number of valuable car accessories. The fuel saving rate is excellent. The carbon emission is strictly reduced. The average CO2 release amount is around 134 g per kilometer.

2.0 JTDM offers 136 bhp. Alfa Romeo will put main focus on the technical upgradation of the vehicle. The car is also upgraded with several sophisticated electronic systems like Blue &Me Bluetooth device for better accessibility to net. You can do online surfing through your laptop while traveling by the car. The car cabin is also tuned and properly upgraded with a number of ultra-light car accessories and devices.

Sophisticated air bags, spoiler, glass windows, durable windshield screens along with durable car seats are also available inside the compartment of the vehicle. The black colored glossy leather upholsters and trims have been used to gear up the overall aesthete of the car. The electronic infotainment systems of the car provide sweet audio-visual option. The car is also eco-friendly. It will not do harm to the outdoor air by releasing chemical solution in the form of smoke or fume. Inside the cockpit of the new vehicle, there are lightweight aluminum made center console, dashboard and decorated glass mirror casings. Sun visors are also available inside the cabin of the car. These sun visors protect eyes from the onset of sunlight. The car cabin has been also upgraded with side skirts and skis as well to increase the beauty of the vehicle.

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