2011-Peugeot-SXC Concept Car –A Short Comparison Study

2011 peugeot sxc concept 2011 Peugeot SXC Concept Car –A Short Comparison Study

2011 peugeot sxc concept 1 2011 Peugeot SXC Concept Car –A Short Comparison Study

Peugeot Style Studios of China Tech Center has tuned and upgraded 2011 Peugeot SXC futuristic crossover vehicle. SXC can be split into Shanghai Cross Concept. An official statement issued by Peugeot car tuning and upgradation center about the resolution of this company which has a plan to capture the Chinese automobile industry.

This concept crossover vehicle is large in shape with adequate space inside the car. The size of the crossover vehicle is 4,870mmL X 1,610mmH X 2,035mm W. This theme car is equipped with a number of car accessories and tools. Peugeot crossover car has been further designed with LED headlamp casings. The powerful fluorescent light can disperse darkness easily for better nocturnal navigation. This crossover vehicle has been built with a sharp facelift which looks like a car. The front facelift has been designed with trapezoidal grille and air inlets. The well built bumper has made the car attractive and unique in design. The car is also equipped with a glossy aluminum alloyed grille which has accentuated the structural aesthete of this crossover car. The vehicle is light in weight with excellent features.

In addition, HYbrid4 mechanism with battery powered power generating tool has increased the efficiency of the vehicle. This electric motor is capable of generating maximum torque and power to recharge the rear wheels. All wheel drive option has been added to the car upgradation kit. 1.6-liter capacitated turbo engine can produce 218 hp. This poweretrain fuelled by gas can reactivate front wheels of the car.

This theme crossover car is also designed with an excellently decorated compartment which has been tuned in more scientific way. Inside the cabin of the crossover vehicle, there are retractable car seats plus leather upholsters. The floor mats inside the vehicle are durable and soft. In the cockpit of the crossover car, there are electronic infotainment systems, upgraded nav accessories, and the workable odometer. There is a well shaped dashboard with decorated drawers. The inset glass mirror settings have beautified the interior space of the car compartment in majestic way.

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