2011 Renault CAPTUR Concept- A Short Review

2011 renault captur concept 1 2011 Renault CAPTUR Concept  A Short Review

2011 renault captur concept 5 2011 Renault CAPTUR Concept  A Short Review

2011 renault captur concept 2011 Renault CAPTUR Concept  A Short Review

2011 Renault CAPTUR futuristic vehicle has been upgraded with a 1.6 liter inline powertrain which has been mated to automatic transmission in the case of torque supply. Automatic transmission performs jobs to shift torque/power from the engine to car wheelbases. The inner decoration of the car is excellent and attractive.

This 2011 Renault CAPTUR Concept variant runs at the speed of 130 mph. This 2011 Renault CAPTUR theme vehicle has been upgraded by planting car accessories like retractable car seats, durable leather insulators to cover the cushions of the seats. The interior space of the car cabin is also more dynamic as experts have planned to bring the glamour and elegance to the car decoration by using sophisticated tools and accessories.

The miles covered by the car are 62mph within 8 seconds. The car has a fully upgraded chassis and nicely decorated cockpit. The car compartment has been decorated with a number of tools like retractable car seats, electronic street nav systems in well combination with infotainment accessories. Under the hood of the car, there are powertrain, clam-shaft and valves in proper order. The suspension dampers of the vehicle are capable of checking road friction. The dampers can absorb shock in perfect way to accelerate the stability of the car wheels. Low co-efficiency level helps car drivers to drive vehicles competently even in strong blow of dust laden wind. The front glass shields protect car passengers from sunlight, rain water and moisture.

This 2011 Renault CAPTUR theme vehicle is eco-friendly and energy efficient. The car is also upgraded with exterior décor items like properly adjusted grilles, vents, lighting fixtures inclusive of air inlets. The doors of the car’s cabin are lockable and strong. The durable powertrain can generate 160 horsepower. The black and white blended car wheel shod and rims of the car are glossy as well as glamorous. 22 inch car wheelbases are really attractive and dynamic in design. The eye-catching color contrast of the futuristic vehicle will draw the attention of large number of people.

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