2011 STaSIS Upgrades Audi-R8 with Challenge Extreme Edition

2011 stasis audi r8 v10 1 2011 STaSIS Upgrades Audi R8 with Challenge Extreme Edition

STaSIS Engineering group has recently launched a sophisticated Challenge Extreme Edition car tuning package which will come handy to tune the car in more organized way. This Challenge Extreme Edition car up gradation package is really workable and user-friendly, as it offers different sorts of updated tools and car accessories to bring perfection to the car up gradation and tuning program.

STaSIS Engineering unit is also very popular as it ensures cost effective and durable car tuning tools which can increase the overall efficiency of the car. Four 20 inches durable and lightweight car wheelbases are also protected with struts and automatic suspension dampers to check the road friction shortening the risk of wheel skidding and improper wheel rotation around the front and rear axles. Wheelbases are equipped with tire bands for better traction. Audi R8 vehicle can be upgraded with Challenge Extreme Edition car tuning package which also includes an energy-efficient power plant, suspension tool, sophisticated brakes with accelerators. The supercar will also be upgraded with V10 engine which is properly fitted to Eaton Magnusson TVS 2300 supercharger which can generate 710 horsepower. The topmost torque delivered by the power train is 710 Newton Meter.

The Challenge Extreme Edition car up gradation package also offers extra car accessories like ECU, air intake device and more modified low carbon emission mechanism to make the vehicle more powerful and competent to cover distance competently. Specially upgraded air cooling tool has also been offered by this Challenge Extreme Edition car edition kit. Indoor ambience of the car compartment will be cool and fresh. In a press release, the experts of the company have told reporters that the overall cost of Challenge Extreme Edition kit will be approximately £45,000. The car will be eco-friendly and fuel efficient. The car will have properly designed windscreens, glass mirrors, spoiler and air inlet to keep the power train, clamshaft and other tools intact from rust and moisture.

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