2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio US-spec with Excellent Features

2012 fiat 500 cabrio 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio US spec with Excellent Features

Fiat will gift the first one-off 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio US-spec variant at New York International Auto Show. This futuristic showpiece is fully upgraded with modern tools and ultra-light carbon fibers/plates. It will be an ultra-modern and highly tuned convertible coupe with low roofline. The rooftop can be adjusted and rolled back for ensuring the entry of sunlight and fresh air. The Fiat 500 C stands for cabriolet car which has the convertible roof.

The canvas canopy works much better to obstruct UV rays. However, this car is also equipped with a pair of inset adjustable sun visors to protect the eyes of car passengers from dazzling daylight. The car is eco-friendly with a number of easy to care tools and car décor accessories. Inside the cabin of the car, there are four car seats with reclining features. Leather upholsters will be used to increase the beauty and elegance of the cabriolet coupe. The convertible coupe will have energy-efficient powertrain, suspension dampers, and automatic transmission tools.

At a public gathering, the CEO of Fiat has told media associates and journalists that this one-off theme convertible coupe will be premiered at the internal car shows. However, after the car exhibition, the company will launch new car models to make up the lacunae in the international market. 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio US-spec coupe has been upgraded with a number of tools and car accessories.

This futuristic car will be tuned in special way so that there will be huge space into the compartment of the theme car. Retractable car seats, leather upholsters, and sophisticated interior car décor accessories will be used to upgrade the car. The electronic infotainment system of the vehicle will give digital sound track option for soothing ears of tired car passengers. The electronic street nav accessories are very much conducive to the betterment of the nocturnal street monitoring. This car will have energy efficient drive-train, suspension dampers, and automatic transmission box.

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