2012 Kia Soul Edition with Salient Features

2012 kia soul 2012 Kia Soul Edition with Salient Features

2012 kia soul 1 2012 Kia Soul Edition with Salient Features

2012 Kia Soul vehicle will be brought to the international market after the participation into 2011 NY International Auto show. This new futuristic variant will be more attractive in design and shape. Overall performance of this concept vehicle is remarkably excellent. 2012 Kia Soul edition is eco-friendly and competent to cover several miles without experiencing technical fault.

Power train of this 2012 Kia Soul edition is capable of generating maximum torque and power to recharge the car wheelbases. This vehicle is updated with a new 1.6 liter GDI system which makes the car more efficient. This time this futuristic power train will generate 11 percent more torque and power.

In an interview, experts have stated that this 2.0 liter capacitated four cylinder engine generates 160horsepower and 194 NM torque comparing to previous 115 pound feet torque and 142 hp. The new automatic transmission will be mated to the concept car. 2012 Kia Soul futuristic vehicle will be upgraded with a new power train and suspension dampers exhaust system, car bondiffusers inclusive of newly tuned struts at the wheelbases.

2012 Kia Soul is designed with LED headlamps which provide excellent eye-soothing light for hassle free car trip. Upgraded UVO infotainment system is also easy to operate. While driving the car, you will be able to listen to music due to the availability of the sophisticated audio system inside the car. 2012 Kia Soul car performs efficiently. The clutch system inside the car is workable. The clutch disc, linkage system, pressure plate, flywheels are positioned perfectly under the hood. The clutch hub is the pivotal area of the clutch disc which acts as the passage of power travelling to reach the auto transmission. The clutch is really efficient to ensure smooth flow of torque through the hub to charge the car wheels via automatic transmission. This futuristic vehicle is also fuel economic.

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