2012 MY E63 AMG- More Energy Efficient

2012 MY E63 AMG 5 2012 MY E63 AMG  More Energy Efficient

2012 MY E63 AMG 6 2012 MY E63 AMG  More Energy Efficient

2012 MY E63 AMG 8 2012 MY E63 AMG  More Energy Efficient

2012 MY E63 AMG 2 2012 MY E63 AMG  More Energy Efficient

Mercedes Benz has alreadybagged lot of appreciation and accolades from business magnets and generalconsumers who are satisfied to use the sophisticated cars offered by MercedesBenz. At 2011 NY Auto exhibition, this one-offcar,2012MY E63 AMG, was placed for exhibition.

As a part of new technicalupgradation and improvement of the vehicle, experts of Mercedes Benz haveplanned to install V8 Biturbo powerplant in the place of 6.2 liter capacitatedengine. In a press release, thecompany’s official spokesperson has told reporters that the new powertrain iscapable of generating 525 horsepower and maximum torque required to re-activatewheels with perfection. The newlyupgraded drive-train, automatic transmission, suspension dampers inclusive ofcarbon diffusers will be installed into the car.

In addition, AMG performance kitis excellent and remarkable to build up the car on strong foundation. Therewill be more torque and power generated by this powertrain. The fuel consumption rate is low and it iscontrollable. However, experts have also put emphasis on the technicalupgradation of the car. Car wheels aremade more unique and sophisticated by attaching struts, fenders and tire bandsin series. Fenders are attached close toprotect tire bands from water and mud. Dampers can perform excellently in unison withmetallic struts to check the road friction in more scientific way.

Finally, AMG Speedshift withMCT 7-speed version is more conducive to the upkeep of stability, mobility anddynamism of the vehicle. This car willhave low rated co-efficiency along with highly energy efficient tools and cardécor items. The interior portion of the vehicle has been well taken care of as experts havemade an innovative plan to increase theaesthete of the car by usingsophisticated tools and artifacts to bring the color and dimension to the inner decoration of the vehicle.

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