2012 SE Special Edition Series- A Short Car Review

2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse SE 2012 SE Special Edition Series  A Short Car Review

2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse SE 4 2012 SE Special Edition Series  A Short Car Review

2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse SE 3 2012 SE Special Edition Series  A Short Car Review

SE Special Edition will be launched discarding the old Mitsubishi Eclipse editions. In an official note, the company’s management team has told reporters that SE Special Edition is not only eye-catching and marvelous in design but also these cars are excellently upgraded and tuned using sophisticatedtechnology and easy to care tools. New devices and engines will be installed to upgrade coupe and spyder car model swhich need to be more eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The new SE Special Edition car up gradation kit will be available at the reasonable price. This new theme car will have energy-efficient drive-train, suspension dampers; exhaust system with carbon reduction devices. 18 inch wheelbases of the car are durable and wrapped with tire bands which accelerate traction.

Eclipse SE Special Edition is equipped with 2.4 liter capacitated V4 power train which generates 162horsepower. There is another 3.8 liter capacitated V6 engine which produces 265hp. On the other hand, 5-speed Sportronic branded automatic transmission determines the smooth supply of power to the car wheels. Clutch is an important part of vehicle and it is used to connect and disconnect the power to reach the automatic transmission. Clutch cable/wire enhances the entry of power into the clutch disc. Flywheels are bordered with small teethes for increasing traction. Pressure plate, clutch hub and linkage with lever systems will be installed inside the car to give finishing touch to a compact clutch system to regulate the movement of power and torque which is back fired by power train. There are also other technical specifications like clam-shafts, carbon diffusers, exhaust system inclusive of suspension dampers which are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

2012 SE Special Edition line up will be available in the market by the end of this year. Experts believe that this car will run at high speed even in the strong blow of storm or wind as the overall drag-in engine co-efficiency level is low. The availability of carbon reduction system is more competent and efficient.

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