2012Mazda3 with New SkyActiv Engine

2012 mazda3 262 2012Mazda3 with New SkyActiv Engine

2012 mazda3 192 2012Mazda3 with New SkyActiv Engine

2012 mazda32 2012Mazda3 with New SkyActiv Engine

2012 mazda3 72 2012Mazda3 with New SkyActiv Engine

2012Mazda3 will be more energy efficient and competent to outperform other ordinaryvehicles. This new car will havespecial features like ultra light car accessories made of fine carbon fiber todecorate the inner surface of the car. The 2012 Mazda3 variant will be updated with several car décoraccessories like odometer, tire pressure measurement tools and othersophisticated devices. However, in a press note, one of the officialspokespersons of the company has stated clearly that the car will be updatedusing the SkyActive fuel economy systems. Sky Activ G 4 cylinder powertrain works better for the enhancement ofthe power supply to the car wheels.

Anupdated automatic transmission tool is very efficient to support the speedyconversion of the power to activate rear wheels. According to experiencedengineers and car designers of the company that the new drive train isefficient to work more efficiently due to the installation of SkyActiv system.At the same time, 2012 Mazda3 powertrain generates 148-pound feet torque and 155 horsepower. Direct fuel injectionsystem will be adjusted in the car.

Thisfuturistic vehicle will have special features like aerodynamic shape, lowroofline, and lockable doors with extremely adjustable interior caraccessories. The new vehicle will be eco-friendly inclusive of easy to careelectronic infotainment system.

Ina press release, experts have stated that this upgraded car will also beequipped with suspension dampers which are efficient to absorb shock and at thesame time there are also struts and fenders. The car wheels are wrapped withtire bands, which are durable. Fendersare well fitted to the protection of car wheels from water and dirt. The ocean blue colored car looks bright withsharp facelift, which has been designed with trapezoidal grilles andfluorescent headlamps. This car doesn’t contaminate air as well.

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