2013 Ford Taurus with Sharp Facelift plus Eco-Friendly Drive-train

172 1024x682 2013 Ford Taurus with Sharp Facelift plus Eco Friendly Drive train

153 1024x682 2013 Ford Taurus with Sharp Facelift plus Eco Friendly Drive train

2013 Ford Taurus is a themecar and Ford will do extensive research to accelerate the working efficiency ofthe vehicle.  While delivering a shortnews brief, the company’s CEO has stated specifically and clearly that thetechnical specialists will do major changes and upgradation in the designing ofthe exterior portion of the car cabin of Ford Taurus.

MyFord Touch technology will beused to increase the sophistication of the interior portion of the car.Removing old fashioned knobs, screws, escutcheons and other accessories, thisMyFord Touch system will help designers to bring innovation and perfection tothe upgradation and improvement of the car.  Besides, in the cabin of the car, there willbe a pair of odometer, tire pressure measurement device in right combinationwith sophisticated electronic infotainment system. 2.0 liter capacitatedEcoBoost turbo engine will be placed into the compartment of the vehicle.   Turbo charged V4 engine generates 237 hpplus 250 pound feet torque for the activation of the car wheels.   In addition, Ford has also upgraded 3.5 litercapacitated EcoBoost which generates 255 pound feet torque along with 290horsepower.

The overall structuralaesthete of the 2013 Ford Taurus will be higher and much better. The technicalspecifications also cover the shock absorption system.   Dampers and struts will be attached to thevehicle to minimize the road friction.   It also gears up the stability of theroadster.  The central console,infotainment system, air flap/ spoiler,  ergonomic steering wheel and smooth dashboard will be added to the carupgradation and tuning kit.

This car will be painted inmagnificent color shades. The fluorescent lamps will emit bright andeye-adjustable light to ensure the nocturnal car driving in safe. There arealso other car accessories like lightweight axles, fenders and carbon diffuserwill be introduced to the revised car upgradation package.

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