Bentley Turbo R to Be Launched

2011 bentley mulsanne 5 Bentley Turbo R to Be Launched

2011 bentley mulsanne 7 Bentley Turbo R to Be Launched

2011 bentley mulsanne 27 Bentley Turbo R to Be Launched

Bentley will release Turbo R edition by the end of 2013. This futuristic car will have better interior décor accessories in right combination with exterior décor items. This theme vehicle is supposed to be released most probably in the second quarter of 2013. Meanwhile, Bentley automaker is planning to design the car for better outward appearance of the vehicle. Imitating Mulsanne variant, this Bentley branded Turbo R edition will be returned to the market.

Turbo R edition futuristic vehicle will be equipped with several car accessories and tools like battery powered electronic nav systems, infotainment accessories inclusive of other upgrade car décor tools. The overall aesthete of the vehicle is remarkable. The exterior texture of the car is painted in bright and durable color shades. The front facelift of the vehicle is designed with grilles and headlamps. The rear boot lid of the car is spacious and strong. The car cabin is equipped with a number of easy to care car décor tools like odometer, tire measurement device, speedometer along with car seats that can be retracted at one’s convenience.

Bentley is also putting special focus on the specially upgraded tools like drive-train, suspension dampers along with automatic transmission box. The side glass windows, inset mirror casings, wipers and climate checking tools will be inserted into the car for bringing accuracy to the car decoration program. This car is also environment friendly and excellent in design. In an interview, the company’s CEO has disclosed that Mulsanne car looks beautiful and the company has planned to increase the similarity between Mulsanne and Turbo R variant. Car wheels will be covered with tire bands. Struts and suspension dampers will be installed to absorb shock. The electronic street navigation accessories of the car are also beneficial to men for checking the road at night. The air spoiler will also be available inside the car compartment to smooth the entry of fresh air into the car cabin.

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