BMW Develops Car Upgradation Kit

bmw adaptive transmission slides BMW Develops Car Upgradation Kit

bmw adaptive transmission slides 1 BMW Develops Car Upgradation Kit

BMW has announced the upcoming release of ultra-modern car upgradation and tuning kit which contains a number of tools and car accessories. This futuristic car upgradation package provides several car upgradation tools like 3-4-6 cylinders depending on the car model. BMW has the plan to upgrade the BMW 7 series using these car upgradation tools. However in future, other BMW variants will be improved utilizing sophisticated car design tools like powerplant, cylinders, suspension tool, and carbon diffuser accessories in more systematic way.

The technical upgradation of the vehicle will be conducted by experts and engineers who will plant new automatic transmission, clamshaft, suspension dampers, struts, drive-train plus exhaust systems in right combination with carbon emission prevention systems into the vehicle. This car will run on EV mode. For this reason, the car is also eco-friendly. There is the least chance of infecting atmosphere releasing gas or dark lethal smoke.

Apart from these car tuning tools, a team of experts will insert Wi-fi supported system, GPS monitoring, 8-speed transmission, DSC/Dynamic Stability Control and street nav accessories. This car will be upgraded by inserting surveillance cams which are wall mounted and these cams will be placed at rear side of the passenger’s compartment of the car. Powerful radar system has also sophisticated object detection sensors which are installed inside the car. Sophisticated GPS device is also available in this new car model. The other features of the car are grip safe steering wheel, electronic infotainment console, odometer, tire pressure measuring accessory along with climate monitoring and checking system. The car cabinet will be built up using flexible and durable chassis, lockable doors, and leather upholsters. The car is energy efficient, eco-friendly, and luxurious. Properly adjusted rooftop spoiler, front windscreen, wipers, clutches, brakes, accelerators, and speedometer are good in condition and these car accessories are more functional. Car wheelbases are also rimmed with tire bands which provide excellent traction.

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